How do you deal with it?

What keeps you going?

I set short term and long term goals to hit. And work everyday to achieve it even if it’s a little bit.


Thats the song of my youth

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Yeah goals are good but how do you feel the motivation for goals?
I often come up with goals but feel it’s impossible to reach them

Going where?

The cosmic dance of life

You should read Epictetus. That’s philosophy for the unmotivated.

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I have loads of motivation but no goals.


Man I want to have a job and have a family and stuff but i’m scared I’m just going to be a pathetic waste of a human being poor for the rest of my life and achieve nothing


Your doing way to much thinking and not enough living


Want nothing. Need little, Be proud instead of envious of your friends,


Honestly, the realization that as painful as life can be sometimes, I don’t want it to end…

… so focus on the positives, compartmentalize the bad parts away, and keep going because the alternative would suck more than you can imagine.


i dont have any friends though

Friends are overrated. Watch Netflix, read books, do a course and get certified for some skill, hit the gym, shoot the shit on here, don’t overthink everything so much. And don’t drink too much.


Set small goals. If you’re worried about a job. Maybe set a goal that you’ll work on your resume this week. And next week you’ll send them out and apply. Or maybe even ask for help for people to look over the resume if that’s too big of a step.

Fuck, even getting up is a goal you can set each day. It’s a lot to achieve sometimes.

My recent goals are to get into the masters program i wanted in London and get the internship I want. I did something for it each day. Working on my resume, my application, emailing and net working each day. Even if it’s just one small thing.


Yes, you don’t have to achieve the perfect life in one day. Every journey begins with a single step.

Trying enough stuff until you find something that is worth it.

Go workout, maybe do some sort of martial arts. I know lots of guys that you would probably think are nerdy losers on the street but are actually total bad asses. They were probably nerdy losers but you can see their confidence just grow doing martial arts and having a hobby with lots of peers that are close knit.

And plus it feels great to get the body moving. I honestly hate going to workout at least 50% of the time or more. But I always feel great when I’m there. You just feel like you did a great accomplishment.


Binge watch Seinfeld.

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