How do you deal with the mosquito's vegetarian cousin

I’m having problems with fruit flies. They have such an accute sense of smell. You’ve scarcely put down the apple and they are there. And once they’re in, it’s not easy to get them out. I don’t use incecticides, by the way. I’m against it, except for my mosquito repelling machine.

Kill them all and let God sort 'em out.

There’s only one way to keep fruit flies away without insecticides. Keep your place clean and take the garbage out frequently, especially in the summer. If you already have fruit flies in your house, use bleach to clean your floor and wipe surfaces. Make sure to move some appliances and furniture to clean under them aswell.

Pretty amazing little bugs though. Impressive that a sip of beer left in a beer can will actually grow wings within three to four days.

The first thing I thought of was to fart on the bastards, but that’s because I came into this topic after reading another Open Forum topic. Really, my advice is terrible.

[quote=“Vegan in furs”]Really, my advice is terrible.[/quote]Agreed. That may just help them reproduce faster. :laughing:

Well, I just smash them. Most of them learn after the first time.

[quote=“R. Daneel Olivaw”]Well, I just smash them. Most of them learn after the first time.[/quote]You sound like my father in law:“You won’t have the guts to do that again.” :slight_smile:

Are you sure they are fruit flies and not their more disgusting cousins - drain flies?
Drain flies are lighter in colour and don’t have the red eyes(or is it the other way around?). Drain flies, and stop reading now if you are eating your breakfast, breed in the slime that coats the inside of, yes, you guessed it, your drains. Deep down in the drains aparently.

Since you do not want to use pesticide, which have a mixed success rate with these puppies anyway, the best approach is to use copious amounts of boiling water down the plughole. Do this on a regular basis and it should sort it out.

Learn to catch them with chopsticks Daniel-san.

Years ago in Australia I lived in a house that had a regular group of fruit flies (or some other little fly like thing) that came in and formed a holding pattern in the exact same spot in the lounge every summer. They maintained different altitutdes but always buzzed the same tight circle. Intrigued, I pondered this many a day . . . basically didn’t have it in me to kill them after wondering why they did that.


Was there alcohol involved? :laughing:

No, but there is another substance way better for pondering things like flies flying in tight circles.



Can you be more specific?


Homer? Is that a new slang for the chewing gum he’s about to unwrap.

I bet someone had vomitted on the carpet, right where they congregated at some earlier date. With a nice bit of humidity it wouldno doubt smell intriguing for a very very long time…=-)

There was no carpet.