How do you get your driver's license (car)?

Here in Taiwan? Any of you guys have one? Also can I use an International license obtained in Taiwan in my home country (the USA) or another country? :ponder:

You can, to a point, but it is in your best interest, from a liabilty pov to get a local license. Dead easy: Take your IDL and your license from your home country to the DMV, sit for the written test and pass it, take the practical test and pass it and your local license will be valid through the duration of your ARC (max 6yrs in the case of an APRC). Look in the motor vehicle thread for more detail; there is a huge thread on it.

Check out this article.

So what if you got your local license and later had your ARC canceled (end of contract) but continued to reside in Taiwan (visitor visa)?

And then what if you got a new ARC?