How do you know when you're losing your mind?

I always keep my change in my left-front pocket and my keys in my right-front pocket. I keep my cell phone, cigarettes, and yoyo card in my left-front pocket. I keep my electronic door key and elevator key for my office in my right-front pocket. Sometimes, if my hands are full and I’m in a hurry at the 7-11, I’ll just put my change in whichever pocket is most convenient at the time. But when it comes time to sort things out I can’t remember into which pocket I need to transfer and consolidate all my change. The memory is going, but I guess worrying about it just makes it worse.

Hey Rich, you could always save yourself from going mad and do as the locals do by carrying around your valuables in one of these:


All the cool people use the shaving kit/man purses. Ok here’s what you do.

  1. Door key goes into the wallet (assuming it’s of business card size)
  2. Yoyo card goes into the wallet
  3. elevator card goes into the wallet
    These work even in your wallet…
  4. Cell phone into front pocket
  5. Smokes go into back pocket to be transferred onto your desk when you get to work
  6. Change will be put into your wallet

voila problem solved. My bill will arrive at your office any day now…

I keep forgetting I’ve got a hole in my front left pocket when I put my change in there :blush:

Cargo pants, and label each pocket, upside down (so’s you can read it) in indelible ink.

My ex’s mother had a similar problem and, being the no-nonsense utilitarian she is, she came up with an equally ridiculous solution. She tended to lose her car keys, so she kept them attached to a length of fishing line, the other end of which she had hooked up to a kind of rotary reel on her hip. Kind of like one of those dog leash reel carriers popular with owners of small dogs. (I called her Zebco after that) I’ll never forget the time her keys came out of the ignition (worn down key) and…zzzzing! all 20 of them zapped her good on the hip. She got kind of a damn hip pointer out of the deal, even. And yes, when driving she left the length of twine out, between the key in her car’s ignition and her hip. Couldn’t have cared less what any passengers thought, even joined them in their laughter.

And what about all the numbers you gotta memorize?

Most Taiwanese men using this kind of “toiletery bags” are loansharks to carry the money in.

BTW, if you lose it, all is gone. Think about it.

My method has worked ever since I’ve needed a key card to enter my apartment. It’s a proven method for me…

I do too. I wonder what a poll on this would show. Is it a right-hander thing?

I do too. I wonder what a poll on this would show. Is it a right-hander thing?[/quote]

I keep my change in my left-front pocket and keys in my right-front pocket too … but I’m left-handed …

What does which pocket you put your change in have to do with losing your mind ? Is it to do with marbles ?

my change and keys are also in the same pockets as everybody else… strange. very strange. Who is going to start the poll to confirm what we are starting to suspect?

It’s because the left testicle hangs lower. :laughing:


It’s called a “MURSE” (man-purse). :mrgreen:


R. front: change, odd pens/pencils
L. front: keys, dog treats
L. rear: nada
R. rear: wallet

Cell phone, if I have to carry one of the damn things, goes in a briefcase, or, in a pinch, in with the change. Pens/pencils and keys go in the case, too, if I remember to put them there.

And I’m right handed.

I have a hole in my front left trouser pocket too. [Twilight zone music]

I also have a manpurse (“1881”), but not as big or as ‘song’ as the one in the picture though. It is really just an oversized black leather wallet with a loop for the wrist if needed. I got it because my trousers kept inching their way down with the weight of my cell phone, keys and wallet. My ultra compact digital camera slips in there nicely too. :sunglasses:

I remember, there was a period in my life about 20 years ago when I was suffering from something akin to a nervous breakdown. At that time, during my waking hours my mind was fully occupied with the morbid, turbulent thoughts of my malaise. However, my sleeping time, my dream time, was occupied with the most banal of life’s questions such as where I had left my keys, into which pocket would I put my change, and so on. It was then, during my dreams, that I realized I was fucking insane.

Reading this thread has been like time travel. However, I had the forward knowledge that I was suffering from a nervous breakdown and the banality was only occuring in my dreams as some kind of compensation for my waking madness. For all of those who posted here and have been experiencing such banal thoughts as a matter of course well… God have mercy on your souls.

I’ve tried putting all the keycards in my wallet but my wallet is turning into this humungous hip tumour. Not to mention my other keys , cell phone and change.
Why the f%ck are those key cards made so bloody big. They gave me a key card to get into my apartment block but I can’t even carry it on a key ring…

It may take me five minutes to find one item but I’ll never capitulate to a toilet bag!

I had something like that in graduate school until a nice doctor gave me some special pills. This time I fear it is the inexorable progression of decay, dementia, and death.

I had Mormons in my house last night. A sure sign of poor judgement.

I also talk to myself, but I try to keep it low so that others can’t hear. I’m usually cursing at them anyway.

My man purse looks like the Dunhill clutch bag in this link. … 749c7b7fc4

Hardly a toilet bag, and miles better than those ugly fanny bag pack thingies

I put my keys and my change in the same pocket. By doing this I don’t scratch my cell phone, as I put all the metal objects togetehr and leaves open an extra pocket.

What is it with those “murses” anyway? When I first got here I thought all the women had their men trained here. Every guy I saw was carrying around his gf/wife’s purse. Then I realized many of the men were walking sans female and that the murses were their own.

Though, I still see a lot of straight guys here carrying their women’s purse, often slinging it over their shoulder. How did the females get them to do that? Threaten to withhold nookie? :shock: In the US, the man, if he carries it at all, would be holding it loosely, with maybe just his thumb and index finger… lest another straight guy think he was too comfortable holding the purse. 'Cause, that may make him a sissy boy. :unamused:

As someone mentioned, most of them look like toiletry bags you take in your suitcase when you go on vacation. :smiley: And, I’d be too afraid of leaving it somewhere with all my stuff in it. I prefer the Hedgren bag I bought. It has a shoulder strap and can be worn rakishly over the shoulder and across the body. :sunglasses:

As for pocket contents…

From my point of view: L. Front - keys & change; R. Front - lip balm; nail clippers; L. Rear – nothing; R. Rear – wallet; Left Hip - Cell phone in a holder; R. Front - Company ID card/pass on a retractable ID card “leash.”