How do you make a collect call

I need to make a collect call back to Canada or some international number anyways… the number is 613-952-3741 which is a number to talk to someone about income tax back in canada…i was wondering how i can dial this number and get through…they said i could call collect at this number.

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been trying to figure out the same thing for years… to get ahold of RBC… i’ll watch this thread. Someone out there must have had some success.


I need to make a collect call in order to ask a bunch of questions about my credit card…

Is Canada direct still around?

The easies way is to get Skype and use Skype out. It’s not free or collect, but its cheep.

There were direct collect call numbers around to lots of countries 10 years ago, no idea now. Try visiting a Canadian telecoms site and see for into there.

Use one of the International services like AT&T and make a collect call through them. AT&T’s Taiwan access number is 00 801 102 880.

For Canada, call 00801120012 this is the canadaian operator…
if it’s a us number, then call 00801134567

I had been wondering how to do it for years and then when my mom was here, she ended up in the hospital and I speant hours and hours on the phone calling insurance stuff, someone was helpful at the hospital and found these numbers for me :slight_smile:
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that sucks,last thing you want to happen to your family on what’s probably the only visit for long time,she was ok in the end?

You can always call the international operator (100) and ask to make a collect call :wink:

that sucks,last thing you want to happen to your family on what’s probably the only visit for long time,she was ok in the end?[/quote]
yeah, she got really good medical treatment actually, but of course the insurance company is still dragging their feet about paying up…

Just wanted to update everyone that the Canadian collect service number is no longer available in Taiwan. If you guys want to make a collect call or save money making a collect call then you need to buy an international calling card and call 008-01-120-013 which is a service offered by AT&T to allow Canadian customers to enter an international calling card then you can call the collect call number at a discounted rate.

Ahhhh collect calls…I remember those. Smartphones and Skype killed that off though didn’t it?

No I don’t think so… a lot of people need to call private companies like credit card companies as an example and even with Skype, you still get charged for calling an international collect call number? I don’t know since I don’t even use Skype anymore.

Companies accept collect calls? I maybe used a collect call once my entire life when I ran out of change at the tiki box

Yes Kavalan, majority of the big companies with customer service have a collect call line for customers that need to contact them from an international location.

Mom I’m out of money!

Well I made 5 calls in total in one month to my credit card company in Canada and chunghwa charged me almost 1000NTD. This happens because you have to wait on the line for 15-20 mins (and my worst case, 1hr40mins) before someone picks up, this is why there is even this topic in the first place.

I did it a few times with Skype.

First you call one person. Then add others to the call. It can be another Skype user or a phone number. Adding a phone number to the group call costs the usual amount as calling them. The person who adds them pays.

Nice grave dig. Been a lot of active grave digging 'round these parts the last few weeks.

As others said Skype allows toll free dialing to the USA and Canada and even Taiwan. When I’m back home I can call my bank in Taiwan toll free using their 0800 number and Skype.

In addition you can get free phone apps Fongo for Canada and TextNow for Canada and the USA to allow free calling. Forget collect calls.

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