How do you manage business cards?

Do you have a good solution for documenting all the business cards you get? I’ve collected so many over the years but they’re all just wrapped in rubberbands. I’ve seen some scanner type devices before but not sure if they’re any good.

Cardscan. If you can getthe software alone it does a lot of things. You ofcourse have to scan the cards and then the software does everything. You can search people through name or organiztion.

It is accessible by net…so you can be using any machine and still have your contacts at your finger tips :thumbsup:

I tend to throw 'em away as soon as the owner is out of sight. Or else use them for roaches.

so you won’t get any of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

On the rare occasion that I go out, I find in my wallet, the next day, about ten of these things. Sometimes my own handwriting is on the back of them. I can never remember who the f gave them to me, though.

You don’t getthe one with pics on them???

They sell books to hold the cards in. Write a note on each card as you get it, and put it in the relevant book section for restaurants, bomb-making supplies, or what have you.

I’ve actually got one of those things. A gift from one of my kid’s parents. It’s all swanky and leather. Gathering dust somewhere.

I have used worldscan , a pocket size card scanning device I bought online, recognises Chinese, English, Japanese etc…very nice little tool, quick and easy to use, database software goes with it. You can export the files to outlook later… … anner.html


Got a drawer full of them. All completely unorganized and out of order received. But I have all 14 years worth of them.