How do you say bank draft or cashier's check?


I need to renew my passport, and if Herr Trump hasn’t decided to cancel the passports of those who oppose him, I am hoping to get the application in this week.

AIT says to pay with a bank draft or cashier’s check. My wife knows nothing of them. So, can anyone tell me the correct way to ask for such a thing at the bank?

Is this correct? 銀行匯票 Or, this? 出納支票 (I have been scorned for using Google Translate, so this is why I am asking here)



You can pay with cash if you go to AIT to renew passport.

It took mine 12 days when I renewed late last year.


The Chinese for the kind of check AIT wants is here:

It’s 美金匯票 mei3 jin1 hui4 piao4, by the way.


The law that authorizes revocation or denial of passports was signed by Obama in 2015. I think you’re getting your presidents confused. And yes, the term you’re looking for is 匯票 (huìpiào).


Thats old news. Luckily for me, we make no where near enough to worry about this. It costs the US more to process our returns. So be it. That reminds me, I need to file.

I mean he is so thin-skinned that I could see him doing something like that.


Obama is already a proven offender, we’ll have to see about Trump. Getting rid of the egregious FATCA law was part of the Republican platform, but they haven’t said anything about it since the election.


FACTA…something else I make no where near enough to worry about. Annoying if anything. Again, costs them more to process the whole thing.

My guess is, at least for the time being, FACTA stays. Also, the FAST Act passed with overwhelmingly GOP support, even if it was “snuck in” they vote wouldn’t have been so lopsided.

I am not an Obama fanboy, never was. I am more a left-leaning libertarian. A very left leaning social liberal, and a reasonable fiscal conservative. Or, depending on my mood, I like to put forward that there is no actor above the individual.
Good luck on living with that!


That’s the understatement of the year. :sunglasses:


12 days! Really! Wow!! Was in the summer or any touristy time?


Thank you very much!