How do you say Surgeon General in Chinese?

As in, the Surgeon General has determined that smoking is probably not healthy.

I can’t find any authoritative answers (and my search is hampered by a molasses-slow Internet connection at work).

Here are some possibilities I found through Google:

美國外科總醫師 (not good; seems more like a literal translation)

However, one or more of these might instead represent the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Surgeon General is the head of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. This may be:


In which you can form “Surgeon General” by adding 長 to the end!


The Reds translate the American office of the Surgeon General as 美國醫事總署. As Chris says, add 長 at the end to indicate the guy in charge.

I think the sturgeon generally is too busy making caviar to care about your lungs.

Surgeon General zai zhong guo ren li mian.

Surgeon General = 衛生署署長

I don’t know what it’s called in English.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Liam Donaldson