How do you say "Technical Writer" in Mandarin?

It’s not in either of my dictionaries, and none of the Chinese people I know have a clue.

I know that ji4shu4xing4 means “technical”, and zuo4zhe3, zuo4jia1 are both ways to say “writer”, but the combination “jishuzuozhe” or “jishujia” do not seem to be idiomatic, because the native speakers I know think it sounds strange. Does anybody know the proper translation?



Edited: Changed jixuxing to jishuxing. Hehe…sometimes I still get “xu” and “shu” confused. :wink: Thanks Juba!

I’ve been a technical writer for a few years here and I’m invariably introduced to clients as the “techernical writer” put a Chinese pronunciation on it, or simply as the “writer”. You then have the inevitable task of explaining what you actually write.

According to my workmate, you can say this:

Googling [“technical writer” 是 ] (a quick and dirty way to get English equivalents if you’re lucky) gives a variety of choices. I think most of them are PRC usage. For Taiwan, I’d go with the flow and just say “technical writer” in Engish. (Honestly. I did a conference once where we put all the computer terms into Chinese and the client was most unhappy. “Just say ‘monitor’, ‘modem’, ‘CPU’…”) In the Mainland it ALL has to be Chinese.

english technical writer or 英语技术寫作
Technical Writer(技术文档撰写)

And this was interesting – in a post from someone in the PRC, no less:

This kind of thing is what makes me lose sleep wondering why I bothered to learn all that vocabulary:

This guy is from Taiwan. I guess I didn’t need to tell you that. :noway: Of course he could be an ABC or whatever – no way of telling from the bbs post. But it does go to show that in casual conversation with native Chinese, the choice in Taiwan is to use the English phrase.

If you want to say “I write technical documents”, you can say 我編寫技術文件. As for “I am a technical writer”, you can use 我是技術編寫人員.

Hey! Why does he want to change careers? Technical writing is fun!

Thanks all for the replies. :slight_smile:

Actually, there is a commonly used term here for technical writer: "技術編輯〞

I’d say 技術文件撰寫人員 or 技術文件撰寫者