How do you say www?

how do you pronouce www in english? or may be chinese?
doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou seem a bit two long ain’t it?

I used to say way way way, back in Jakarta though :slight_smile:


Dubya Dubya Dubya

in chinese may be

One internet slang guide suggests “dub dub dub,” but it sounds … kind of … well, you know! :laughing:

I wonder if the French do say dooblervay dooblervay dooblervay?


Why would you need to say it?

Absolutely. I say ", not “”. The “www” bit has become rather gratuitious…

The easiest way is to flip your lips back and forth with your finger while saying “wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.” Works pretty well. Try it. Go on, you know you want to…

It must be easy in German: vay vay vay

When I see it in my mind, it’s sort of becomes a big unpronouceable squiggle (much like chinese characters) I certainly don’t say 'double you double you double you" to myself. Wouldn’t 3 double you’s be a sextuple you ?

some people say triple doubleyou, I still don’t like it though…
I try matthewh fei fei fei instead…it’s a bird?! it’s a plane?! it’s

world wide wait

Absolutely. I say ", not “”. The “www” bit has become rather gratuitious…[/quote]

for bog standard sites www may be redundant, but there’s a whole world wide web of ftp sites out there and countless places like too so a treble wubbleyou is useful.

Phillip Adams, a well known Australian journalist and radio announcer says wubble-you, wubble-you, wubble you :slight_smile:

I don’t think anybody has mentioned “triple double-you” yet or how about wee-wee-wee :wink:

The only acronym that has three times as many syllables as the word it stands for! BTW it’s World Wide Web. Why not say that?


World War We

weh-weh-weh (in German)

You mean it’s not that sound Curly makes when he forgets a line?