How do you select a doctor?

What can indicate that this doctor is good?
His college name(s) imprinted on the front glass, the diplomas that are hanged on the wall, the number of clients in the waiting room, the site (hospital or private office), his language skills, friend’s recommendation. How do you know if a certain doctor is good or bad?

If he says “ni gan mao le”, and sends you away with a bag of pills in which 50% of the pills are to counteract the side effects of the other 50%, regardless of your actual symptoms, he’s not a good Doctor. Go elsewhere.

I hate that phrase. It’s usually translated in textbooks as “you have a cold”, but it does not mean that. Having heard it at least 8 million times, I’ve figured out that it means something like “you’ve got the lurgy”, or, if a doctor says it, “you have an idiopathic illness which I can’t be bothered with right now”.

go to specialists eg ENT. with gp’s it’s trial & error

Depends on what’s wrong. If it’s something you actually care about getting quality treatment for, I’d take StuartCa’s advice. Not all of the specialist are all that good either. Do some homework and ask around. I like going to the Adventist hospital. Some people complain they charge too much, but I don’t find the fees unreasonable (I’m from America). I haven’t had to go there very often but have gotten good service/treatment there. I once saw a ENT specialist there I wasn’t all that impressed with, but the dermatologist there was the best one I’ve seen anywhere.

I have chronic rhinitis and I used to take 1 pill/day to control my symptoms. Yesterday I went to the doctor and he gave me bags with 5 pills. I went home and sat down in front of my computer, goggleing every pill’s ingredient there to know what he prescribed and which one I was going to put aside. He prescribed 2 different types of allergy pills to be taken together: 1 zyrtec + 1 allegra, the other one was to “protect” my stomach, the other one was a painkiller, and the last one was unknown. They said that a good patient needs to trust the doctor but I’m a little suspicious by nature, so I always google everything just to be sure. I don’t usually take all the pills prescribed by the doctor, I usually put the painkillers aside if I am feeling well. So I have some containers with remaining pills that I label for future usage. Lately I’ve been thinking about switching to some other doctor, or try Chinese medicine to see if it can control my allergies without the drowsiness.

Yes ,I have experienced the same multitude of pretty cloured pills from Doctors. The fact that they also get paid from the quantity of Pills they issue has no bearing on why they prescribe so many pills IMO :ponder:

This is really the only reliable way. Hospital websites now do usually have bios so you can get some idea of their education, experience and expertise.