How do you write KK pronunciation symbols in MS Word?

A few days ago, Quirky started a thread in this forum asking how to write the symbol “pi” in MS Word (as well as other Windows programs). (Here’s the link.)

That reminded me that I’ve always wondered how to write KK pronunciation symbols using MS Word. I make lots of handouts for my students, and it would be very helpful if I could type these pronunciation symbols on my computer instead of writing them by hand.

There are phonetics fonts that are available, called SILIPA. Do a search for these on Google. … encore-ipa

Also, try

There doesn’t seem to be an exact equivalent generally available, though many publishing houses may design their own.

The SIL IPA font is about 95% equivalent, but there are one or two variances that are a problem.


Wait, I got another great page for you…

Try this.



Thanks a lot! I tried all three of your links, and I like the fonts at the last link ( the best. They have all of the KK symbols and I can easily find the symbol I’m looking for by clicking on Insert->Symbol and then change the font to “Ipa-samd Uclphon1 SILDoulosL”. Then I can look at the character map and click on the symbol I want to type and then click the “Insert” button. Or I can just memorize the “shortcuts”, like Shift-N is for the “ng” sound, for instance. But I had to figure out all of the shortcuts myself. I don’t know why it doesn’t tell me the shortcuts in the character map (by clicking on Insert -> Symbol). Some of the shortcuts were hard to figure out, like for instance, to type the symbol for the sound of “a” in “apple”, the shortcut is Shift-[.

Also, the name of the font (“Ipa-samd Uclphon1 SILDoulosL”) is very long and unwieldy. Is there a way to change the name of a font after it’s already been installed?

But otherwise, I’m very satisfied with this font. Thanks again, Kenneth!