How Does One Ensure A Long Life For One's Potted Plants?

Given the smoggy urban environment here, how does one stop or slow down the wilting of one’s potted plants? Particularly the ones on the balcony which are almost completely exposed to the outside air.

Would moving them in and out of an air-conditioned environment harm them?

Mine are wilting.

Thank you for your attention.


The thing is to get a feel for how much sunlight and water your plants need. Some plants can’t stand direct sunlight. Also, overwatering is a common reason why plants die. Basically, plants with thick, leathery leaves probably don’t need much water, and those with thin, floppy ones do. There could be pests involved. You can come round my place and visit my pot plants if you like.

Dont’ let mesheel get near your plants is one solution. I’ve killed more than one cactus… :blush:

Once I moved mine out of direct sunlight they were fine. Ironically my aloe vera and chilli plants were the worst affected. A cactus and a chilli plant. Madness. The poofy flowers don’t mind the sun at all.