How early can you convert a 1 year marriage ARC to a 3 year one?


After the first year of a marriage ARC, you can renew it and get the 3 year one, which has significant benefits when doing anything with banks or phone companies, as it signifies you will stay in the country longer which makes them more willing to take you on as a customer.

But, how early before the expiration date of your 1 year ARC can you apply for the 3 year one?

Obviously you’ve got to do it a bit early to avoid the card and your residence becoming void…


I don’t think there is a time limit. But people were asked to come back later when getting there one month early. They even had a reason, leaving the country and returning after the expiry date.
Really depends on which person you get when you come in.

I am not sure if they give you the 3 year one if you accidentally loose your ARC card one month before expiry date.