How far can I get in 4 days?

So I basically live in Hsinchu and have a 4 day vacation coming up in May. From May 28-31…How far can I get on my CB400 in four days? Where do you suggest I go?

Do all the Cross-Island “Highways”. Can’t go wrong, but might get wet.

I would go down to Kenting on the west coast. Spend a night and part of a day at the beach then head up the east coast. Swing west along the North Cross -Island highway and head home.

Bring rain gear cause as above poster said, I’ts gonna be wet.

Day 1 : Hsinchu to Hualien via either number 7 or highway 5 with the tunnel.

Day 2: Hualien through Taroko , through SunMoon Lake to Tainan

Day 3: Tainan to Taitung on Southern Cross hway. Stay in chihpen, relax in hotspring

Day 4: Taitung to Kending, hang out at kending all day long, swim in ocean. Then motor back to Hsinchu

Day5/6/7/8 Recover from above :slight_smile:

Or dont be SM yourself and just do this:

DAy 1 : Hsinchu to Tainan

Day 2: Tainan to TAitung

Day 3: Taitung to Kending, stay overnite in kaohsiung

Day 4: Kaohsiung back to Hsinchu

This way you get in the southern cross island hway , take in chipen hot springs, take in kending , visit Ktown and back to Hsinchu

And you will only need 1 day to recover.

thanks for the suggestions. ill start planning soon. i appreciate it!

I’d say you could probably go all the way with at least 3 chicks! Jia You

If my FIL could do Pingtung to TPE in one day on his Suzuki 125cc while visiting friends, then you could do 2+ laps of the island.

I think these itineraries are too ambitious. Way too much of your time will be spent on the motor bike. Choose a couple locations so you have more time to actually relax and enjoy the place. Unless of course your goal really is to see how far you can get.

Tai Dong to Taipei- 1 day-during a typhoon-on a Yamaha FZ 150cc, singing at the top of my lungs the whole way.

Just ride man, head south and see what happens. Can’t get lost it’s a motherflippin’ island. Keep the ocean to your right shoulderblade, you’ll eventually get home.

I would suggest 2 options…

  1. Hsinchu-TPE-Yilan-Hualien (one day, nice mountain roads, a bit heavy…) next day from Hualien-taroko-hehuang san-sunmoon lake(stay there one more night) the 3rd day sunmoon lake-Hsinchu using a mountain road that i still dont remember that took me and some friends 2.5 hours (a bit fas but fun like hell) or just go to taichung and then parallel to the 61 all the way to hsinchu.
  2. Hsinchu-Tainan (night ride, stay in Tainan and the next day kenting, day ride all the way to kending) spend a complete day in kending and use the 3rd day to go back to Hsinchu
    i have done both and i like them…

How about the same question on a 125cc scooter?