How far can you toss Santa?

See how far you can toss Santa:

I got up to 350.4m


[quote=“jlick”]See how far you can toss Santa:

I got up to 157.6m[/quote]

Pah, my best toss is 341.9 m so far. You can see Rudolph raising an eyebrow at you when you go that far.

Oops…make that 348.3 m…I’m guessing Rudolph is the 350 m mark because Santa has almost landed past him now.

I just passed the 350 mark at 350.4. The snow from Santa’s face goes past Rudolph. Okay, your turn.

I can only manage 255. How are you guys tossing him (so to speak:)?

You can pull santa slightly below ground level but not too far. Once you get the hang of it, figure out where you start pulling so you can let go just before the edge. It’s about the middle of when you pass the small snow pile.

Ah, that’s why you can only get 157.6 m…;-):wink:

I begin to pull back when the front of the catapult reaches the second little peak in the small snow drift…I release it when it gets just below the ground…I’ve overpulled it and the little guys have been fallen off the cliff many times, but hell, I did throw Santa over 350 m so it works, you just have to take that risk to hold the lever down as long as possible without fouling or going over the edge. I usually get over 160 m before Santa hits the ground the first time to get me over the 300 m mark. About 180 m at the first bounce will get me to 340+ m.

I think the limit is 350.4 because I keep trying and I am getting as close to the edge and as low to the ground as it will let me and it’s the farthest I can get.