How far from Fulong to Toucheng (surfing beach)

How far does it take to drive from Fulong to Toucheng (the surfing beach.) I usually just take the train, but it would be a nice scenic drive. How long to drive?


Thanks, thats what I was thinking. I have not done that drive in years and forgot how long it takes. Cheers!

The coastal view between fulong and toucheng is incredible, add in at least a couple 5 minute stops as it is hard not to stop and enjoy. And add in another 10-15 minutes if fighting traffic on weekend coming from the north side of fulong town.

I drove that stretch last weekend in my boss’s sports car. He was driving so crazy!! ha ha! Took like 10 minutes or so, but I don’t remember exactly. His car was so fast!! red too!!

I’ve heard some people say 30 minutes but that’s probably going slower than I was if you know what I mean!! :discodance: