How far is too far?

This should be an interesting topic.

Personally, I think clothing for dogs (I mean t-shirts, pants and shoes etc) is ridiculous.
I’ve met people who I thought were cool until I saw them out with their dogs all dressed up.

Anyway, here I am, in the pet store on sunday, and I spot these goggles. Now Jack loves the scooter, and likes to stick his face in the wind whenever possible. Hell, 160NT I thought, why not see what he thinks of these?

Are these ridiculous or functional? He seems to like them and I guess there’s a SPF to protect his eyes from the hot summer sun, and bugs getting in his eyes. Am I going loopy?

Nothing happens in life until someone sells something to someone else.
Pretty cool lookin’ dawg!

Yes, you’re going loopy, but that’s not the point. :wink:

If the clothing protects the animal in some way, it’s fine; the goggles protect Jack’s eyes. Foxie wears a cover over her scar in winter, as I’m sure it must get pretty cold with no fur to protect the skin from the elements.

Then there are the neckerchiefs we sell. Still not sure about those, but at least they’re similar to a collar.

Anyway, just don’t dress him up in a clown costume complete with hat and red boots like my old neighbour used to do with hers!

Goggles are far from frou-frou Fido fashion foibles.

We had a spaniel lost an eye as a result of a collision with a bug – he used to like sticking his head out the window in the car and I was too stupid to realise the possible consequences.

Mr. He, take note (even though I know Vivi could probably run faster than your old clunker’s top speed). :wink:

We’ve got a pair of Doggles, but Gustav only wears them when he’s on a scooter…

That’s one stylin’ pooch! Big pimpin’!

If they’re shaded, you better make sure they’re with UV-protection or your dog will end up blind - now he will be staring straight into the sun with his eyes wide open.
And the more he uses the shades, the more sensitive his eyes will get. Just use them on the scooter to protect him from bugs and little stones, he won’t need them for running around in the park.

(I don’t really know anything about dogs, but this is what they say about children’s sunglasses.)

Cool doggles. I even love the name!

Very practical! Not like the NT$1800 pearl dog collars I once made for a US pet boutique. Stopped making them because I was worried about a dog choking on them! :astonished: