How frequently can you enter and leave Taiwan?



I am a citizen of one of 90 day visa exempt country and hoping to visit and stay in Taiwan for 5~6 months for tourism.

At same time, I also would like to visit Korea every other week since my relative lives there. (2~3 days, just on weekends)

I am planning to buy a round-way ticket when entering Taiwan to prove that I don’t intend to stay over 90 days per entry to Taiwan. (a ticket to Taiwan and return ticket to Korea)

If I leave and re-enter Taiwan, would it automatically extend my stay in Taiwan?

I heard some people living in Taiwan for few years like this by extending their visa every 90 days.

If I enter/leave Taiwan periodically, too many times or too frequently, could that be a reason for denial of entry?

Was anyone denied entry to Taiwan before?

What was an immigration officer’s reason for denial?



Thanks to every with their reply.
So I contacted the ministry of foreign affairs and this is what they told me.

Yes, I can travel in and out of Taiwan as many times I want if
I am a citizen of 90 visa free country
I hold valid passport
I have return ticket out of Taiwan (to prove that I don’t intend to stay over 90 days per entry)

However this is where confusion and ambiguity come is in. They told me even if I meet all above conditions, my entry to Taiwan is “subject to discretion” of an immigration official. So I guess it might depend on which country I am from, when I am entering Taiwan, if an immigration officer is having a bad day or other “stuff”


You can come and go as often as you like they don’t give a :poop: if you get a 90 day free visa each time.

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Every time is once, as many times as you want. As long as you follow all other rules and laws.


Curious myself.
Would the authority stick someone on the 183+ day rule, if they stayed inside Taiwan over 183 days in total in one accounting year on these 90-day visas; i.e., have to file taxes or state no income, or…?


Wish I had that kind of money to burn. Want to buy me a ticket?


I’ve heard of them giving “You enter and exit Taiwan often” as a reason for tourist visa refusal. So make sure you keep your stay to 90 days or less otherwise you might find yourself having to apply for tourist visas which can be refused if you’re in and out of Taiwan a lot. You should be fine if you stick to 90-day exemptions, but of course this is never guaranteed.


Does Taiwan have the equivalent of access to information/freedom of information laws? If so it should be fairly easy to request information on the guidance immigration officers get on entry refusal.


If you go every other week you’ll never overstay your visa free stay. Just get a return/onward ticket to be safe.


Everyday if you want to
Your clock resets with each entry


Don’t know about Taiwan though I heard the US and possibly Canada and Mexico as well they made it so those holding passports of visa waiver countries cannot reset the clock by making a quick trips over the border to the next country i.e between Canada, US, or Mexico, as otherwise there would be too many who would turn into “permanently staying tourists” by living next to and/or making border trips every 90 days. Though heading to any other country in the world including a non bordering country within the Americas or Caribbean should reset the 90 day visa free clock. Don’t know if Taiwan applies similar policy for Hong Kong or Mainland trips since these are not technically international travel based on relations even though its not as easy as crossing a land border as with US/Canada/Mexico. Yet in ROC Taiwan area Nationals at draft age born earlier than 1985 who have permanent residence overseas status were allowed to keep such status by making quick trips to Hong Kong every 4 months which exempts them from being drafted. So they made the loophole harder for those born past 1985 to those staying over a total of 183 days a year in Taiwan for two years back to back as they are noticing people were fraudulently using Overseas Compatriot status to live permanently in Taiwan and not get drafted for Compulsory Military Service by exiting every four months.


say what now


Complicated one Country(China) yet different systems bureaucracy.


you seem to be a little confused mate.


Obviously one cannot just use a ROC passport to enter China but must obtain a Tai Bao Zheng or Taiwan Compatriot pass . Hong Kong lets you enter but they either require a Tai Bao Zheng or a separate entry certificate and would not stamp an ROC passport.


If you have a Tai Bao Zheng, you don’t need to worry about frequency of entering/leaving Taiwan.


Though I doubt thats the case with the asker of the question. As the asker appears to be a pure foreigner. Though I heard passports may not stamped either in this case instead a separate sheet of paper is used to record the entry and exit.


there you go. one country two systems? its clearly two countries two systems… surprised to see such a thing posted on forumosa.


Taiwan being part of China (中華民國) is what the law says in Taiwan. If you wish to debate this issue, please do so in the Taiwan Politics forum, not the Legal forum.

Thank you for your co-operation and have a pleasant day. :bowing: