How has forumosa (segue, oriented) helped you?

I wouldn’t be suprised if I’m not the only one that this website has affected greatly. Besides saving me time and money by not learning somethings the hard way (because of wonderful posters like yourselves), I have a list of things that are directly connected to the website, I’ll post a few:

I found the apartment I love.
I found the job I have (and love).
My brother got to DJ here when he visited me.
The gameclub was formed.
I’ve gotten to meet a slew of interesting people.
I learned about which has helped me greatly (me and my shameless promoting)
I might be in a coca cola commercial :sunglasses:

Just to name a few things. These are the reasons why I’m very dedicated and spend time here (besides the entertainment factor).

So how has it helped you?

On a side note:
Those of you who think about it and go “Yeah, this page has saved me time and money” should click the donate link in my sig or get a red envelope prepared for gus (and hand it to him next time you see him). It doesn’t have to be a lot, but if everyone gave just a fraction of what this site has saved them (or made them) it would be all good.

Forumosa (formerly Segue) has taught me that there actually are good things about Taiwan. (I used to read Tealit. :imp: )

I am in hopes of attaining a trimmer for my nose hair.

The legals are great.

Everyone here is great.

Almost every aspect of life in Taiwan is covered here.

See, that’s what I’m talking about!!! Keepin’ coming.

I like this “Help us pay our hosting bills! Please!” banner.

It provides a way to talk to people online about living in Taiwan without it becoming a flame match (cough, cough, [color=red]tealit[/color], cough)

It helped me meet more than 30 people that I might not have been able to meet otherwise, well, except Iris, but that’s because we happened to have lunch at the same park one fateful summer day last year.

I learned how to play Risk, Phase 10, and Squabble

I got a live-in kitty-sitter who is paying for half my rent while I cavort away in London.

Becoming a bodhisattva briefly without having to undergo true enlightenment

That warm fuzzy feeling…:slight_smile:

It’s made me realize I never did overcome the family habit of arguing things into the ground. :shock:

Beyond that everything else is positive. And I’m always surprised at the level of education, experience, talent, and resourcefulness evinced by such a small community. Who needs Google when you’ve got Forumosa.

Thanks to, I have more guanxi than I did before.

I have much worse carpal that I did two years ago.

Reliable source of the latest developments affecting foreigners living in Taiwan.

I was greatly assisted in sorting out my JFRV amid all the shifts in legislation. I’ve copied some of this info and forwarded it on to friends who have likewise benefited.