How has inflation changed your Taiwan lifestyle^_^a poll

  • I do not see any inflation and had no lifestyle changes in Taiwan
  • I see prices are higher and had no lifestyle changes or better
  • I see prices are higher and had moderate lifestyle changes
  • I see prices are higher and it drastically changed my life
  • My life is better as my income has increased faster than inflation

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I don’t have a specific vote, but I will say that traveling in Canada this summer was utterly frightening.


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Some things are more. Some things are the same. There’s no context with this so it’s hard to answer. If it’s just the recent increases in inflation then eggs and imported produce has gone up. If it’s over the last 5-10 years it’s a completely different answer. Local minimum wages have gone up. Caregiver wages have also gone up along with increased protections for migrant labor (rarely enforced unless caught inflicting physical violence on employees).

Professional wages for expats have pretty much stayed the same (with numerous examples of attempts to cut English teachers wages) while the cost of everything has increased. The only thing that hasn’t gone up is the cost of public transport.

My favorite chocolate muffin at Carrefour went from $20 ntd to $28 ntd.

We moved apartments earlier this year, rent prices went up a lot.
i feel prices went up, but value went down, most notably in restaurants: serving less in both quantity and quality.


It didnt change much for me as we cut excess spending alot a few years ago, many people saw this coming, including me.

I think there is massive price gouging happening as everyone scambles to get their peice in the new price structures.

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No change for me in my life.

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Was shocked travelling through USA this year on how expensive it was. Much bigger change than in Taiwan (or at least felt like it to me)

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My brother defined it very clearly: if you ate expensive fish before, now you eat tuna, if you ate tuna before, now you eat horse meat sausage - cheapest meat back there.

One has to adjust the expenses accordingly. The thing is that this has not been so evident in Taiwan before. But it is not Latin America levels yet.


Yip–food and real estate prices shocking, lots more homelessness on Vancouver Island, etc. Great nature but so overpriced.

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Can’t be much worse than andouillette.

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For us metals plastics and wood are all way higher. our costs for building has gone 30~60%. last year pipes doubled overnight. this means after that we spent about 150,000nt more per hectare just on pipes. that hurts. never mind all the other examples.

Food prices are still too cheap and dont reflect the costs.

Probably small businesses are in the biggest trouble.


pretty insane! I only get family &friend reports from BC, wonder if the rest of canada is also equally as crazy? BC only makes sense if you own real estate already. At least people there have land. that said, saw farmland a couple hours ago in bumfuck nowhere taitung county. farmland, meaning no house and loads of restrictions. Like ALR but worse. it was DOUBLE the price as my residential land with house on vancouver island 10km from a city (not far from your town). so…ya…

Regular salary increased 29% this year while inflation is at around 3.5% for local produce and 7-8% for international goods. Generally life is the same for us, we’re just saving more now

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The local produce producers now have probably more like a 20%+ increase with almost no increase in sale price on the wholesale market. Our costs are up about 30% for materials. About double on labor. not because wages went up much, but because no one wants to work now so we need to hire more people to do 1 persons work.

it is these situations that are going to cause problems in the storm if sustained because many run into the red now on some months. God forbid if you are held hostage to horrible companies like Costco, PX mart, Convenience stores etc which dont pay for months and take over half your money pre cost deductions.

your salary probably increased after changing jobs, not due to pay adjustment by the employer or a sudden decision to be magnanimous.
in my company slary adjustment was 8%, and thats after 3 years of no changes.
for us groceries are 15% more, rent is higher (though this is also due to renting a bigger apartment ) .

Actually both, I changed jobs and then got a huge pay rise after 6 months at this job

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congratulations then, switching was the right decision!

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