How has Taiwan affected your Yin-Yang balance?

As title says… after living in Taiwan for X years, which one has been boosted?

(please choose one or more options that start without “…” and one option that starts with “…”.

  • My Yin has been boosted
  • My Yin has been hindered
  • My Yang has been boosted
  • My Yang has been hindered
  • … so now I’m more balanced
  • … so now I’m less balanced
  • … I’m as little or well balanced as before coming to this island

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Taiwan has excess yin up the ying yang, but I’ve done my best to keep it from affecting me personally.

I’ve succeeded in drawing my vital essence through the cinnebar fields, thereby destroying the three worms. If I could just harmonize my internal Dharma Wheel with the rotation of the cosmos, I’d be immortal AND unbeatable at kung fu.

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I know some Falun Gong people who could help you with that. But you gotta be careful, cuz they’ve been infiltrated by Chicom spies.

Please guys, I’m trying to keep this simple, so we can draw some conclusions, even if they are wrong because the poll is not well designed. We will have time for more complex polls with FalungDafak and KungFu and QiGong some time next week.

Taiwan is great, people are friendly and food is tasty.

(There was a huge rant here instead, but come on, rants are bad for that yang thing)