How is military service or alternative service like nowadays?

I’m a Chinese-American and don’t have to do it since I don’t have Taiwanese citizenship, but I am just curious to hear more about it.

I talked to Taiwanese American in the ROC Marine Corps. He said it was mostly random duties, a waste of time. No combat training, and they shot less than 30 rounds of 5.56 during their entire year.

Just curious, what the hell is 成功嶺?

My coworker said its a Military base in Taichung

I see. I supposed you do lots of watered down physical activities there then…I’m glad I don’t have to waste a year LOL

I know there was another long blog about it and there are a lot of horror stories if you’re a non local and your Mandarin isn’t good. But it depends on personality some people get through without a hitch. I also hear horror stories or waste of time stories from my coworkers here, universally sounds like a waste of time since there isn’t the pride you have in the US military or any real combat training unless you’re in the R.O.C. actual career side of the Army.

I’m on my break atm and I just talked to some of my new co-workers at a high-tech company. Supposedly physical punishment by the military commanders is now punishable by law. and not a lot of bullying anymore. But IDK

For example one of my Designers when his commander found out he studied design well he got put into Graphic Design duties the entire time and did design 14 hrs a day

not actual military service?

You mean PT? like the push ups and stuff? Obstacle courses? All that is minimal but still challenging I hear. Maybe challenging since most people sit on computers all day before going not sure

I heard that the alternative service guys still have do these activities?

Yea I heard the same, probably in the boot camp phase…

but it’s supposedly much easier?

It’s interesting bc I heard a TA who couldn’t use Mandarin well and his parents wrote that on the form that he had to submit to the military. I guess it doesn’t result in exemption though?

Yea I think its not an excuse for dodging the draft you have to go. And if you don’t know Mandarin you might get bullied by officers, but others say if you put in the work you’ll be fine…or it depends on the unit

Again, I keep hearing that anti-bullying efforts are now very serious in the conscription program…hmmmm…

Why are you concerned by it if you’re not going?

one of my mom’s stepchildren has to do it. Just curious about the whole thing.


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166 is short… they do that on purpose? Hazing? Oh you mean he’s already in the Military?