How is working as a foreigner Software Developer/Engineer in Taipei?

Define conditionally? Are you working for international company where Chinese is less relevant or Taiwan based company? I think that makes a big difference. If it is Google in Taiwan, obvious English will be the primary communication language. However, if it is Taiwanese company, then Chinese.

I have worked in Bay Area for Taiwanese companies. Sure you can communicate in English just fine, but most of the time Chinese are spoken. Bigger decisions still relies on Chinese as main language even in the US.

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Conditional on the role, mostly. You’re right that big decisions probably happen in Chinese, but plenty of engineers are more than happy not to be involved in decision making :wink:

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Chinese is a plus but not necessary.

If you don’t speak Chinese, then look into startups or companies that export their products to US/EU. Then they will have managers who speak decent English as others pointed out.