How lenient is TLI with attendance?

I will be starting 3rd quarter at TLI (End May to End August)…there isnt much of a gap allowing a few days off before 4th quarter starts.

My fiance and I would like to take a couple 3 day weekends here and there to do some traveling around Taiwan. We also want to plan a 6 day trip to Thailand this September.

How lenient is TLI with taking days off and still qualify for visa extensions? I was contemplating adjusting my schedule from 2 hours a day to maybe 4 and shortening the school week.

Does anyone know much about this and TLI? Any current students?

(FYI: I am serious about studying, not just attending for an extension)


With TLI you can get a private class so the four hours a day idea will work. However, it will cost more money than a group class. I’d assume they would, however, I don’t know for sure whether the visa requirements would be met in this way, so you’d better call them to check (unless someone else has experience with going this route).

why don’t you call them (or better yet go down there) and ask. I think they are pretty lax about attendance, some people have shown up for less than half the classes. On the other hand, I think no one in my class is dependent on tli for a visa extension.

TLI is a legit language school. They keep attendance records and they don’t fudge. Under the old rules you had to attend at least 70% of the classes in order to qualify for an extension. I’m not sure if this will change April 1st under the new visa extension rules.

Yes, some students skip a lot of classes, but teachers record this in their attendance book. Of course the only people who would be affected by attendance are those depending on extensions.

Edit: If the 70% rule still applies, they calculate using the total number of classes. So, you can miss a few days and still qualify for the extension. As long as you are regularly attending the majority of the time, you should be fine!