How long before we can all have a day at the beach?!?^^

i would definitely enjoy a day at the beach somewhere with all of you. when’s this weather gonna change? i think we should definitely plan a FORUMOSA BEACH PARTY!

How about a naked moonlight drumming circle on the beacxh at Da Xi next Saturday night?

the chick to guy ratio would have to be 4:1 before i’d be interested.

Well I know this woman who manages a modeling agency and is always complaining that the female models are bored and one

of the distibuters at Heinekin owes me a big favor… :discodance: :discodance: :discodance: :lick: :lick: :lick:

I’m up if it includes surfing.

Yeah, it’ll be just like HH’s… You can’t move fer females at those bashes.


Well why don’t we all organize a trip to Fulong on a Saturday. There is plenty of driftwood for fires, beer at 7-11 and waves are too bad. Someone can bring a guitar and we’ll catch the last train home.

I know this is mean but I just have to say it. I went swimming on a beach in Kaohsiung/GaoXiong (CaiShan area) last Thursday. It was actually not cold in the water!

Yes…so mean…evil even…