How long can a Legal Claim be made after a Car Accident in Taiwan?

Last Novemeber I had an accident on my scooter due to a mechanical problem with the Scooter. The brake line snapped and i was not able to brake on time. Long story short I hit a car in the rear bumper on the left corner side. I got hurt and had to go to the Hospital the police determined that in fact it was a mechanical problem an Accident as they labeled it. The guy whose car I hit told me he had insurance and that they will contact me. The police told me that they will intermediate and set a court date for both of us. This never happened. Next thing i know Is that the insurance company contacts me to charge me for the repairs made. As far as I know the police will intermediate and than I will look for a repair shop to take care of the damages and pay for them. What happened was that obviously the car got fixed in a concessionary or car dealership exclusive repair shop and they charged them way more than what it could have been elsewhere. I protested the fact that it was unfair I was not contacted about where and how the car was being repaired. As far as I know they could be charging for stuff that had nothing to do with the accident and just label it on the bill parts or labor done.
The insurance company never called me back I was than told by a professor in my school who assisted me with the issue that legal claims could only be made within 6mnths since a lot of stuff can happen to a car in that time. Today I received a notice from the lobby in my building saying I had a package it was a court order but the date had already passed. And they were charging me around US$1300 for repairs which is ludicrous. And it has already been more than 6 months of the accident. Can anybody help me or tell me if in fact they can still make this claim regardless of by passing the agreed procedure??