How long can you last without A/C?

Still haven’t turned the A/C on this year. Wonder how long one can last without it. My guess is June latest. Anyone care to take-up the challenge?

Mine’s been running at night since Saturday. Last year I made it up to the end of June before I broke down only because I was getting subleasers (not knowing that they’d turn out to be back-stabbing, psychotic thieves, but you live and learn). Good thing I did since they broke my fan. :idunno:

You mean just a home or not entering any establishments with A/C the entire summer?

I didn’t have a/c in my apartment until September last summer. I do live on the 10th floor near the sea with considerable breezes, but it’s not something I’d like to repeat. Sometimes it was so hot I’d go for weeks on end without doing any housework (which is something I have repeated).[/u][/i]

I live smack dab in the middle of the city off a major road with lots of things to impede any air coming into my place…especially anything clean. I was born in the middle of a city in Florida in the hottest part of the summer. I came to Taiwan specifically to avoid winter.
If I weren’t so lazy, I’d say bring it on, but damn those air conditioners are convenient. I wonder how much more different my life would be if I had central air while growing up.

I do tend to walk on the shops side of the sidewalk in the summertime, if you know what I mean. This is what goes through my head on the average May walk in Taipei, “Air con, air con, air con…intersection run, run, run…ahh, air con, air con…”

I turn mine on even in winter on occasion to take the moisture out of the air. Turn on for an hour and then keep the room dry with a de-humidifier. The hot doesn’t bother me so much as the dampness.

I did for 5 years… got kids and stopped being so hardcore :slight_smile:

never had it in taiwan.
used a fan blowing slightly off me at night. cool, cheap and kept mosquitos away.

I have the greatest of respect for a friend of mine who froze hers (it was destroyed) during a particularly clammy winter some years ago. Learn to love those NT$10,000 electricity bills. God bless air conditioning.

Went without for six years up here on our little mountain top…

But, having done so, it seems as if the summers get a little hotter every year! Finally broke down and outfitted the entire house…But we only use them at night to sleep. Prefer ceiling fans during the day.

Altitude equals cool!

First 8 years here in Taipei. Even now only run it a few of the hottest days.

Call me wierd but I don’t like AC. It makes me sick, congestion, bad for sinuses. I can’t sleep in an airconditioned room cause I’ll wake up the next morning with bad sniffles. I get cold easily too. I love it hot! I didn’t turn mine on once last summer for myself only when I had company over. I do have a fan that I turn on once in a while but only a few minutes at a time.

If that makes you weird, then I’m weird too. I can’t stand a/c for exactly the same reasons as you. 16 years here and never had one in the house. Fans, dehumidifiers and nudity do me just fine. And of course, cold beer.

You have no shame do you?

Fancy admitting publicly that you drink beer! :noway:

Sandman drinks cold beer in the nude? Is there sax involved too?

The last two days have been lovely, and I’ve had all the windows open. The house is so cool now, except that there’s a layer of dust over everything. :s

i’m with the sandman (well not actually with him, esp. if he’s naked, i mean with him in spirit)…13 yrs without a sniff of AC; it’s become a matter of pride (altho i have to say august is pure hell; even my pools too hot)