How long can you return to your home country for, being an ARC holder (reason: work)?

Hi everybody,

I am planning to return to my home country for a month and half while I hold an ARC and work permit in Taiwan. My employer told me it is okay for me to be away from here during that time, but asked me if my permit allows such a long “vacation”. I told him that I’m not sure and I’ll find out. I couldn’t find this information while gooooogling around (tried for a whole 5 minutes). Hope to find some answers here.

Does anybody know if there’s such a restriction on being away from Taiwan (while being a worker) for 45 days?
Hope somebody is around to answer this…it is a little time sensitive.


You could ask to National Immigrant Agency, whose contact would be found in a minute.

Pretty easy to remember:

I’ve done it, a trip longer than 45 days (and also spending 100+ days outside of Taiwan each year over multiple trips, but always more than 183 days in Taiwan). Nothing bad happened. So, as long as your employer is on board, you’re good, in my experience.

Only thing to look out for: some jurisdictions start having interest in you tax-wise after certain periods that can be short. I’m not aware of any that start invoking tax burdens after 30 days (90 days is not uncommon), but it might be worth checking that.

Correct me if im wrong but half uear out of country is the magic number. And even that is easy now. I left for 9 months and sent in an online form which biys you time for up to 2 years. Make a good story. Family or school is perfect. Not work.

I was on aprc though.

While on arc before i would always be out of country for 2 minths every year without a thought or issue.

I think (my take on it) if your work/occupation/non-occupation allows, you can stay outside Taiwan until a few weeks before your ARC expires. APRC you need to apply for prolonged leave.

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