How long do I have left on my FR Multiple Entry Visitor Visa?


Here’s my situation:
I entered Taiwan September 1 with a multiple entry FR visitor visa. Went to Japan October 10, and came back to Taiwan. Around October 17, I went to NIA office to extend my visa, but the person said I did not need to extend because I left the country and came back, and that I had until December. I again left Taiwan on Nov 17, and returned Nov 21. My school enrollment form says the semester is until December 4. I have a Canadian passport so I get 90 days visa exempt.

When I re-entered Taiwan on Nov 21, did I get 60 days from the visitor visa, 90 days from visa exempt, or until Dec 4 for the end of the semester? I dont have my passport handy, but it didnt say if I had to leave by a certain date or how many days I get, like some other countries.

Thanks a bunch

So I went to the office to check. They told me I had until Jan 19, so Nov 20 + 60 days. Guess it didn’t matter that my school ended Dec 4.