How long do you have after cancellation of ARC?

If one’s employer cancels one’s ARC, how long before the police show up on your doorstep to ask you to leave the country? How long do you technically have to get out of the country??

I’ve heard 7 days and I’ve heard 9. But, the police wont show up and tell you to leave (unless someone rats on you). They get you when you leave the country. Immigration will see that your ARC is expired and wont let you leave until you pay a fine with the FAP. The FAP will fine you according to the amount of days (or months?) that you have overstayed. So, if you are leaving the country and your ARC is expired, you might have to leave the airport to go and pay your fine at the FAP. Thus missing your flight if you haven’t already paid the fine. I am not speaking from personal experience, this is just what I remember from the forums.

That’s been my experience too. The cops can give you a longer grace period (I got 10 days I think) if you are up front with them, go to the FAP and show them your plane ticket. They can put a post-dated exit permit in your passport (matching your flight date) that keeps the airport immigration guys off your back even though you have technically overstayed your visa.
Note that you can only apply for the exit permit while you are still legal. If you’ve already overstayed, you’ll have to pay the overstay fine before you can get the exit permit.