How long do you have to leave Taiwan after getting fired?

The date my boss is reporting to the authorities as my end date is Oct. 10.
How long do I have to get out of Taiwan? And what are the requirements that I have to show people at the Hong KOng office in order to get a 2 month visitor’s visa?
I am new to this kind of problem. Prior to this I have only worked for reputable employers who gave me a months notice and it was easy to job hunt and have a new ARC without leaving Taiwan. I have never had more than one day off between changing jobs before.
I just got fired last Thursday, by the way. Yes, I know it is illegal for a boss to do this. I also know that my boss is someone who is not to be messed with and not someone I care to fight.
So, here I am feeling pretty clueless about how to go about remaining legal here.
In any case: here’s what I have in my favor:
Over $2000 U.S. in a bank account. (that’s the requirement in Hong Kong to get let back in to Taiwan, right, right? ):pray:
A valid passport
A real degree.

I don’t think I’ll be finding a new ARC job by Friday, so please, someone, tell me what to do?
How long do I have before I absolutely must leave Taiwan?
What else do I need?

And sorry I didn’t use the search function, the info I have been getting from everyone is overwhelming and sometimes contradictory and I am overwhelmed and confused enough.
I know some people live like this and do visa runs all of the time but I am just the worrying type. So please help me out?

Well this scares me:
I have to be out of Taiwan on the 10th?


I am going to go run around now and get my bank and tax documentations sorted out.
Please, someone, walk me through this?


I found parts of that helpful and other parts of it confused me further.


As of a few years ago, the employer notifies the CLA about termination of employment. The CLA reviews for 7 to 10 working days and then notifies the National Immigration Agency. The Agency then notifies you after a few days, and you have 7 days to leave (i.e. they cancel your ARC). So in practice, most people have 2-3 weeks before they have to leave. You might also ask your employer to delay notification while you look for a job. That can give you some more time.

Warning: Things may well have changed. Do not rely on this.

How long have you been in Taiwan on a work permit based ARC? If it has been more than a couple of years, you should keep your permanent residency eligibility in mind. It is now five years, but if you enter the country on a visitor visa, you will probably have to start over. This is a complex question and you will need to read around the threads on this. But basically, if at all possible, find a new job NOW so that you do not have to re enter on a visitor visa or a landing visa. I think that you probably have enough time if you get on it immediately–which you seem to be doing. You can always quit your new job and find a better one.

Thank you.
My boss will not delay the day he notifies the authorities. I already asked him about this. He does not care.
I’ve been legal in Taiwan for 3 years.
So, what I hear you saying is that I don’t have to leave Taiwan on the 10th?
Okay, I guess I am looking at taking the first part-time ARC job I can find. And yes, i am already looking.

Thank you so much. If anyone else can shed some light on what my deadline for leaving Taiwan will be, please let me know. Thanks.
When should I visit the immigration agency?

I don’t think you will have to leave on the 10th. It would probably be helpful if you could find out when he reports the termination of the employment. You will probably have a couple of weeks from that date if the situation is similar to the one I described before. I do not think you have to visit the Immigration Agency (unless you find a new job and have to update your ARC). They will notify you if things still work as I described.

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I’ll give you the low down on what just happened with me.

Basically, I had two jobs, both had full time work permits. The time came for me to move from Taichung to Pingtung (yes, I like country side places).

Anyway, my boss dragged his damn feet on applying for my new work permit. My old school that was my main school canceled my permit on the 15th of Sept. Well, that got all processed through on the next week, like monday. I had until Oct 3 to leave the country.

Well, people were telling me to take the reciept from my new work permit to the NIA and they would extend my ARC for 30 more days so I could stay in the country. They wouldn’t do it since my ARC was already canceled. I found this out on Monday, the typhoon day we had last week (Oct 3 was Friday).

So this was awesome news. I had it verified by the office in Taipei after they reopened on Tuesday(Pingtung didn’t cancel work on the Monday typhoon day ^^). Got everything ready to go to Macau for a visa run (wasn’t too happy about this since it would break my “legal” residence in Taiwan cuz I plan on applying for citizenship after 5 years). 25 minutes before my plane leaves on Oct 3, the day I’m supposed to head out, my boss calls me and tells me that my work permit was rejected cuz I still had another work permit. My second job forgot to cancel it. That permit, combined with my new one went over the maximum hour limit.

Anyway, they allowed me to renew everything on the last day since I had the permit and everything.

Basically, get a permit receipt in hand ASAP and get that process going or else you might just be leaving the country to get your new visa.

About getting a visa, I’m not too sure about that. I got my visitor visa like 4 or 6 years ago, I forgot, from when I was an exchange student. I just used that when I decided to come back and work since it was a multiple entry permit.

Also, if you’re looking for some jobs, is fine if you can read Chinese. My info is up there and I get calls all the time. Also, if you wanna come to Pingtung City, I know of another place thats looking for a teacher. The woman keeps asking me if I know of any new foreigners looking for a job…

Amazingly the question in the thread head is not clearly answered here.
I found this

It says 2 weeks.