How long does it take a regular airmail letter from New York City to reach Taipei

How long does it take a regular airmail letter from New York City to reach Taipei
(just a single sheet letter in a regular-size envelope with US$1.10 stamp)

Which is more likely? 1 week, 10 days, 2 weeks, or more?


10 days

It can be pretty variable though.

It’s crazy variable. I sent my first set of postcards back home to a bunch of people. One of my friends managed to send one back to me, have me muck around before sending one back and she got the second postcard a couple of days before my other friend got the first postcard. And they live in the same city.

I don’t know who to sigh at…Taiwan Post of NZ Post. I know both are pretty inadequate.

For your reference: … 8&t=112043

Used to be 10 days. I’d say 15 or more would be more realistic. Plus, if it is something important, I’d recommend EMS at least, UPS or any of those if extremely urgent. Things do get lost regularly. And never ever send something “surface” or “first class mail”. It will be put on a slow boat to China… then on a slow paddle boat to Taiwan… and then it will be swallowed by a typhoon.

It got so bad for my mom sending birthday cards to her grandsons that I had stickers made up with the Chinese address printed on them. Didn’t help. Weeks, months… And of course the Taiwan post office has its very own system of transliteration which is not the same as any other.

Didn’t airmail get discontinued a couple years ago?

Usually 1 to 3 weeks for me. I usually write the English address and write the country name in Chinese.

Ya; 3 weeks and I have given it four. My son-in-law works at Microsoft in Seattle. They have a Friends and Family store. I deposited the funds into my daughter’s account for Windows 7 and Office. I sent the funds in U.S. dollars in the package. (I know, against the rules but I did it anyway). She got the package within two days. It’s been more than 30 days and no joy. I went to local P.O. with no help. She sent the products, Windows 7 & and Office, in a bubble pack. Bye Bye software.
I am not sure if the rip off occurs here or there. I think the bubble pack was the mistake. I didn’t react to her in time to have the pack done by DHL. I guess, I’ll do it over again. Sigh.

By the way, A pack of Windows 7 and a basic set of Office is 15,000 NT here, all together. Friends and Family get it for 3000, NT. Nice markup.

Best mail shipping I ever had was taking a pic of my home address and sending the pic by email and the pack by regular mail. My daughter printed both addresses on an expensive print and I got it back in 3 weeks.
NOW! Where the hell is my software? Wankers!