How long does it take for approval of naturalization application?

Hello Everyone, I need your help again. I have a spouse based ARC and have recently filed my application for naturalization. Within 2 weeks, we had an interview with immigration officers. But after that it’s been almost 2 months and we haven’t heard anything from the Ministry of Interior/NIA. I have been checking the status of my application, which always says that the application is under review/processing. Can anyone here tell me how long does it take for approval of naturalization application?


Mine took about 5 months (I went the Self Naturalization route, not via marriage) to receive my Naturalization Certificate…Back in 2015, I had one extra step to take to become Naturalized…i.e. I had to first give up my Original Citizenship after receiving the Candidature Certificate (Quasi-Naturalization Certificate / 準歸化證明書) …Took about 2+ mths to receive the 準歸化證明書, then I renounced my Original Citizenship and got my actual Naturalization Certificate 2+ mths later.


Hello Spring, I was also expecting that it shouldn’t take more than 2 months. As per new amendments in the Nationality Act, I won’t have to renounce my citizenship before I get my TARC. So, as soon as my application is approved, I can straight apply for TARC and renounce my original citizenship within a year. Thanks for sharing your experience.

If you don’t mind me asking, what country are you from?

I would presume, like everything else in Taiwan, it is faster for people from rich countries.

Hello, I’m from India.

Good luck with everything. I’m sure it will go well, even if you do need to wait a while.

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Was it done on HHR or NIA?

Most of the process (filing of application, submission, reviewing etc) has to be done at the HHR…the NIA is only responsible for issuing some documents necessary for the process (Entry/Exit documents, TARC)

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Apart from China (which is very obvious), I don’t think being from a First world country will make the process much easier…It all depends on how well you prepare all the documents and fully understand the process. I had a pretty smooth journey towards Citizenship (barring one minor issue on the way).

I was from India too…remember, when the time comes for renunciation of your Indian passport, you must bring one witness (Indian Citizen) along with you for the interview at the ITA. The renunciation process takes about 2~3 weeks.

Thanks emj, I hope so.

Oh man, glad to see a fellow Indian here. Well, I didn’t know about the witness part but I have heard that it takes a couple of months to renounce. It is good that it is way less than I thought and it’s gonna save me a lot of time later. Thanks for the information bro.

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If you need more info, you can contact me via PM

Thanks bro. still waiting for a response.