How long does it take to get an ADSL connection?

Hi all, I hope this hasn’t been covered - I did a search but couldn’t find anything.

At the moment, my ADSL connection is actually my bosses - we live in the same building, so I’m networked into their system with via a cable stretching from my apartment, out the window and 2 floors up to my bosses apt.

But I’m about to move, so will need to set up my own connection. I’ve known about the move for awhile and asked my Taiwanese roommate these questions but he didn’t know. Today, I found out that we’re moving this Friday (I had thought it’d be the following weekend).

The phone company are coming to the new apartment to set up a phone line on Fri. Can they setup an ADSL connection at the same time? If not, how long does it usually take?

And finally - do I need to buy anything from a computer store (eg modem) or do the phone company provide it?

Thanks in advance,


I would have them do it at the same time. Otherwise they have to send another chap around. Not sure about Taipei, but out here in the styx the phone guy always just shows up “whenever he’s in the area” :s . Sometimes he’s quick, and more often not. Same as my cable guy, actually! Held up by the capricious whims of technicians! My life ressembles a C grade movie more and More! :blush:

In any event, Chunghwa provides you with the basic modem setup. Easy 20 min. visit.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I’d been told that seperate technicians were needed even though it’s the same company. I’ll make sure I get my PC moved and unpacked before the phone guy comes.

This may be true. But maybe you can minimize the window between phone guy and adsl. If you’re lucky you can snag it all in the same day. I’d phone up Customer Service to be sure. A friend of mine in Kuei-San was lucky that way, he’s pretty smooth with those Cusserv. types…

If you haven

I had a new phone line and ADSL installed in Taipei a couple of weeks ago. I had gone in to order them together on Wednesday morning and they were both installed and working Friday morning less than 48 hours later. I ordered Hinet ADSL service which is the same company as Chunghwa Telecom so they could do both installs at once. If you use a different ISP than Hinet then the Chunghwa Telecom guy will come out to install the phone line and modem and then a day or two later the ISP will send someone to configure the modem for their service.

Thanks all for the info. It’s all up and running smoothly. And my roommate is paying the bill, so it’s free for me - woohoo.