How Long to Process a Visa? (Urgent)


I only have ~19 days on my landing from the United States. I found a job. I’ve taken my ARC physical, I have a criminal background check, original copy of my degree. I know that they need to switch it from a Visa free landing to a visitor Visa, and then apply for a work permit and an ARC? Is two and a half weeks long enough to process everything so as not to have to make a Visa run?


Unless my memory of the process is incorrect (others here may provide concrete example), my 2 cents are that once your application is “in process” (paper application, photos, documents, etc. received by proper authority), then any deadline on visa can be overrun, as the next step is just picking up your new ARC id with a new expiration date (which may start from the expiration day of your landing visa).

Here’s link to phone hotlines:

You may either try one of those #s yourself on Monday (they have operators in English) or have your employer call on your behalf to get exact details.

Good luck. The light is at the end of the tunnel.


Yes, I did this recently with about the same amount of time left on my entry. Once you submit the visa application at Foreign Affairs you’re in a state of grace. You do need the work permit though to do that. Note you also need a rental contract in your name for the ARC.


VISA runs can be fun though. Especially if it’s on your company dime!


Hi @the_bear,
I don’t have a work permit yet. Will that create problems?



To work legally, you need a work permit or an exemption (such as marriage). Having applied for the permit doesn’t allow you to work. Once in a while, a foreigner gets deported for starting work early (even by one day).


Sorry what I meant; the only thing I have now is my visa except landing (90 days). Being so, I don’t mean to keep bothering you or beating a dead horse, but was your situation similar to mine, that is, only having a Visa except landing? And if not, do you know how long each part of the process will take?


Yes I was on 90 visa-free arrival. To apply for a new visa in Taiwan you need the work permit to be issued. Otherwise you’ll have to leave and come back. Point is, nothing happens until the work permit is issued. You sound clueless. You say you have a job? Has your employer applied for the work permit? Ask them, not us.


Thanks anyway :wink:


Also, I am sorry that you had a bad day


Here’s the exact process you want to undertake:


Thank you. That is really helpful :slightly_smiling_face: