How long until life returns to normal?

Professor of department in a top 5 public hospital saw me a month ago.
Pretty sure he wasn’t wearing a mask at some point which I did find disconcerting when I went to put on my own mask after talking to him lol. I think he probably puts it on and off throughout the day .


I’ve seen the odd doctor without a mask at TMUH. All were before the mandate in hospitals ended IIRC.

Several were just walking around, and one was during the appointment itself (probably because I’d arrived a bit late and I was the last patient, so he’d already taken it off). It does happen, but I haven’t found it to be the norm of course.

I’ve seen it more with nurses and pharmacy staff, before and after the hospital mandate ended.


Which confirms my point, that just because some forum member hasn’t had an experience like this, does not automatically make it false.

Why does anyone ever assume they know everything that goes on in every medical facility in Taiwan at all times?


If you encounter a doctor who never wears a mask during the course of a work day you’ve found a winner. If they wear a mask at all though during the course of a workday though they probably qualify as a quack.

Yeah, I don’t see any reason to doubt your report of a personal experience or assume you’re lying. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you are being satirical right.
Anyway yes whether they are wearing a mask or not is not how I judge their capabilities.

I was in Chang Gung Memorial last week in Chiayi County sat in the waiting area, a door suddenly opened and lo and behold a doctor appeared at the door no mask.
I’ve been there three times recently and saw a few maskless faces either patients or the odd member of staff.


Thank you! :hugs:

Thanks for also confirming my own experience! :+1: :heart:

And another thanks for another confirmation! :smiley:

These are all a few signs we’re at least on some sort of path to normal.