How long will it last?

How long will the Taiwan thing last for foreigners?

  • I’ll die a natural, non-taxi-related death here at a ripe old age
  • China will behave until the Olympics in 2008, then…
  • Something’s gonna happen real soon

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Despite the fact that foreigners now officially need ARCs to work here (not true earlier on) and apparently there’s going to be a 2-year limit on visas to “study Chinese” (which is too bad for those who really do want to learn the language well), so far so good on stability and ability to make a living here. But how long do you think it will last? Will the referendum thing or fallout from it end the conditions that make it attractive for foreigners to live here (we’re assuming it is attractive for the purposes of this referendum, OK?? :laughing: ) Will things hang on until the 2008 Olympics? Or do you think that you’ll just peacefully go on with the editing/English teaching/binlang selling/whatever until you have to be repatriated in a pine box, many years hence?

How long is it going to last?

I hope that 2 year limit on visas to study Chinese doesn’t apply to those of us working on degrees …