How long you meet your bf/gf you think its reasonable?

How long you think it is reasonable?

  • 1.everyday
  • 2.twice or more a week
    1. twice or more a month
  • 4.It depends.

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As the title “how long you meet or contact with your gf/bf you think it is reasonable?”
Do you think "meet everyday "is reasonable?

If one of you is not in Taiwan.How long you will message him/her?

There is no “reasonable”. Some will want to see you more and some not so often. Depends. What will you do when you see each other? Some people want “alone time”. Some want to spend time with their friends. Some only want to see you when they’re lonely or need a shag. Depends from person to person. Find your own balance. There’s no rule.

Why is there no “every other day”…

I think as much as both are comfortable with, it’s going to be periods when you want to be together all the time and times when you kind of need some time on your own. I guess I’m the kind that likes to spend a lot of time with whoever I’m with, but again, that varies from person to person…

I used to want to spend every second of the day with my SO and he did too. After a while, we just both started need a little more space and started doing at least some stuff without each other. That was fine too. So sometimes, it changes. That’s why communication is so important.

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the question?

I’m usually a “want my own space” type. But I’m whipped. So I’m an “as much as possible” type.
He is pretty whipped too. But he is quite the “own space” type.
Which is fine. Because I got tired of that sunless room anyways. So now I have a social life while he works.

So what you’re saying is, that while he’s working you’re out dating other guys? :wink:

What you doin later? :howyoudoin:

I am living with my bf.And sometimes I feel pressured because we have to meet everyday. :saywhat:

Living with the man. Hmmm. I know a certain person who is married and doesn’t live with the man. She is a smart, smart, smart girl.

I like to see my lover everysinglefuckingday. We don’t have to do everything together, or anything together everyday at all, but just being able to grab a meal together, have a chat, a kiss, etc. during waking hours is good enough.

Unfortunately, that is not the case at the present time.

Douseeme, if you think it’s “unfortunate” to have to see your man everyday, maybe you two do need to spend some time apart! Good luck.

Being together all the time might seem great when you’re in the beginning infatuation stage of the relationship, but you do anything everyday and you’re going to get sick of it. That’s why I’m amazed at married couples. Imagine waking up every morning for the rest of your life to the same face. Scary! I don’t see how married couples are able to do it.

Chinese women age well. :wink:

However, even being married doesn’t mean you spend ALL your time together. It is healthy to have interests that do not necessarily include one’s spouse.