How many bicycles are there really in Beijing?

I think we all know the song “There are 7 million bicycles in Beijing”, but I have a few questions:
a) How did Melua come to that conclusion.
b) If it is true that there were 7 million bicycles in Beijing at the time the song was composed, how many are here now?
c) How many bicycle factories are there in Beijing?
d) Are there any scooters in Beijing?
e) How many bicycles are there in China?
f) How many spokes are there in Beijing?
g) Does the song have a political message?
h) How many people actually ride their bicycles in Beijing since the economic boom?

I want to know why there are so few scooters in Beijing? I saw 2 in two weeks. Plenty of bikes. There are even special bikes lanes beside most main thoroughfares. First there are the lanes for cars, then a divider, then a small lane for bikes, and finally a wide sidewalk for pedestrians. Very nice indeed.

The gov doesn’t allow scooters. You have to get some kind of special permit for one and they only give out a few. That’s wonderful! The Beijing goverment has been working hard to curb air pollution, and despite what some people say, I feel that the air quality in Beijing is much better than Taipei. With, of course, the exception of a few weeks in spring when the sandstorms arrive.

And to answer your question Rinkals, yes. A lot of people do still ride bicycles in Beijing, but I can’t give you any exact figures.