How many British isles?

To many a Taiwanese, Britain is

you might check yahoo “maps,great britan” 4170 hits,
just to name a few you have the channel isles off scotland, on the east coast horsey island,north west is the isle of man, also there is the isle of wight. there are alot of small islands off great britans coast. but you will have to ask a brit i’m from the usa.

The British Isles are the islands of Britain and Ireland (Presumably from when Ireland was part of Britain), and all the little fiddly ones nearby. “Three Isles” is a load of poopy.
Looks like they confused Britain with The British Isles, and would probably confuse them with both England and UK if given the chance :unamused:

Ironic that a country that keeps saying “We’re not chinese !” can’t get the names of other countries right, but then again all foreigners are Americans…

go to yahoo and type “three britsh isles” look at the first one to show “britsh isles and all that” you might get an answer.

That site Explains it better than I ever could, Still no idea what “Three British Isles” refers to though :?

[quote=“don rush”]just to name a few you have the channel isles off scotland[/quote]Is that the same as the Channel Islands, which refers to Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark, located off the coast of France? :?:

And lets not forget that big huge one over to left of Greenland. That’s still ours, too, isn’t it?