How many litres have you drunk today?

It’s hot as hell today. Have you been drinking your quota or more?

We’re talking booze, right?

Quota of what? Beer, caffeine, or water?
Usually, I would be into at least my third liter of the hops by this time on a weekend. However, am taking a break from the pilsener, and so far have drank about 1 liter of coffee, and about the same of water.

How much water should one drink in this weather anyways?

About 1 liter of green tea so far. Probably an equal amount of water.

I’ve been working inside all day or my intake would probably have been greater.
Also eaten some mango and pineapple…both of which contributed to my fluid intake.

Probably not enough today. Thank you for your concern. I am heading to 7-11 now.

1 litre green tea. 1 coffee. 2 litres water. about 1 litre soft drink. 1/2 litre camomile tea. I’m thirsty and I sweat a lot. Would you like to know how many times I urinated?

Sheven litresh of er shomething. Hic.

0,5 liter of coffee, 1 liter of sports drinks (Supau and Fins), 1,5 liters of beer, and more to come of the latter.

Three of the big bottles of water, three cups of coffee, and 1 cup of green tea.

I have his idea in my head that just as you wash your body in the morning, you should also wash out your plumbing. In other words, you should drink much more water upon awakening than during the day since you haven’t had anything to drink for about eight hours.

Interesting thought. No references to offer, but from personal experience I can say that people wake up less hydrated than when then went to sleep. Dehydration is increased further by sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Similar to scuba diving. Inhaling dehumidified air causes more water to leave the body when exhaling. After 45 minutes of diving, it’s easy to feel the effects. After 8 hours of sleeping in A/C, I can feel it, too. So, sure, it makes more sense to me to drink more in the morning, to the limit of what a body can absorb in a certain amount of time. Proper hydration requires drinking small amounts spread out over the day vs. large amounts at one time.

Great question without a great answer. Researched this before, and then again after I forgot. I’ve often bumped into the “6-8 glasses a day” recommendation. That rule is only a little more helpful than saying “drink some water”. The amount needed depends on several factors, among them level of physical activity and body weight. Years ago I ran across an well-written article by a sports medicine doctor on this topic. The guidelines that he provided had two categories: A - Average person, not very physically active. B - Very physically active or very hot conditions. For Category A, he recommended that a person’s daily water intake be .5 (1/2) of an ounce for each pound of body weight. Metric, roughly 33ml per 1kg. For Category B, .66 of an ounce for each pound of body weight. Metric, roughly 44 per 1kg. Diuretics (alcohol, coffee, tea, soda, caffeine-containing substances) confuse the issue. In small amounts, substitution of diuretics for water is not a problem. On the other hand, drinking diuretics almost to exclusion of anything else can cause very serious health problems.

Without consistency, I’ve been using that guideline for a long time. Sometimes, it still isn’t enough. For example, hydration requirements for running marathons are higher still. Oddly, I mentioned that .5/.66 rule to a urologist a few years ago. He said he thought it was too much water. For a few reasons, I think he’s wrong.

If anyone comes up with more updated, specific fluid intake guidelines, I’d like to know.

Once I ran in a race where a man drank himself to death on water. Drinking too much water without replacing the salts/electrolytes you’ve lost can be fatal or at least have some effect on your health.

I drink a large glass of water before going to sleep and one more immediately upon waking. I find I don’t wake up feeling logey and irritable if I do this. Somebody told me to do this a long time ago and it really works. I used to do the same thing with beer but this seems to work better for me.

I don’t like the ac on at night. Just a fan does a trick. The ac makes my throat dry.

I have heard that guzzling large amounts of water while dehydrated or exercising can be bad for you because it can cause rapid expansion of cells leading to ruptures. I drink that pocari sweat stuff or supau sapao with water if I’m working out.


I.P. Frehely

It’s called hyponatremia or commonly, water intoxication. Under normal circumstances, seems very rare. It’s gotten some media attention in the last few years due to problems with some marathon runners. … 52/15/1550

Not drinking enough water today is the same as driving a car without oil in the engine, your block will cease.

Summer advisory:

  1. drink losts of water
  2. maintain your electrolyte levels
  3. keep your throat moist by sucking a lozenge
  4. apply sun block/sun screen

I really need to look out for my electrolyte levels more. Are there any good drinks around for this?

I’ve been sucking on salty ice cubes (pure water ice cubes sitting in salty water). I’m finding that it’s much more refreshing than eating plain ice cubes to cool down. I carry my water bottle around (1000 ml) and drink from that and have some lemon iced tea in the morning. I’ve been sleeping with a fan and a cold damp towel. My skin is doing well (as well as it can for being my skin), but my lips have been very chapped lately. :ponder:

Oh wait. I forgot that I am in air conditioning practically the second I leave my apartment and have rare bouts of natural (read: hot and humid) air.