How many motorcycles have you had stolen?

Well… after more than 4 years here I have had 2 FZR 150cc motorcycles stolen… and just yesterday some dufus decided to drag his farmer bike handlebars over the hood of my Jetta. Yeah I’m ranting a bit - but jeez I wish the natives would learn a little respect for personal property… :unamused:

I had my motorbike stolen when I lived in Yonghe 15 years ago. Reported it to the police and everything. Nothing happened for a week or so. Then one day I came home after work and found it returned to the exact spot where I had parked it a week earlier.

Clean, locked, 750 kilometers extra on the meter, and a full tank. Guess someone probably took it for a joyride around the island.

“The natives”? :unamused:

I once left my keys in my scooter for more than a week without it getting stolen. But maybe that says more about my scooter than anything else.