How many of the old timers are still active here?

I used to be quite active here. This forum was a bit of a lifeline here when I was going through several rough patches of my life.

Since then, a few things changed and my Taiwanese wife and I now call London home, however we still spend a handful of months here a year.

I was wondering, who’s still around from the days decades ago when I was a prolific poster?


When were you active here

joined on October 31st 2000

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I fell over oriented in 2000, started posting in earnest after meeting Gus in 2001, and it slowly faded out in 2013 or so.

I was on the island mostly full time until 2019, where business matters overseas saw me having to spend a significant amount of time in the UK. We decided to move more or less full time to London in early 2000, then we basically lived as nomads until 2001, when we got a house in Battersea. We are still deeply into the nomad lifestyle, meaning that we spend at least 6 months a year on the road, with around 3 of them being in Taiwan.


I remember your handle. We had a few conversations in various threads decades ago. My handle changed while back when the site changed, so you wont know me by my current handle.

Nevertheless, welcome back to the forum!

I am remembered, great!

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I here

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Still here. Not as omnipresent and loquacious as before. Man I miss that guy’s posts. You still around @Omniloquacious?


tommy525 still here

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Reporting for duty. Also changed handle.


We should have a get together!


Sat TV

We lost Dragonbones (Kent) and Jimi P (Marc) recently. And Shiadoa (Alan) a while back.

EdgarAllen lives in Somerset now. Funk500 pops across to London once a year. We ate Ethiopian food in Stockwell a few months back. Irish Stu defected back to Ireland. Sandman is still around, but only on face book these days. Maoman pops by here once in a while. Loretta went to Java, then Ireland, then China, now god knows where.

I wonder what happened to The Ginger Man, Fred Smith, blueface666.


Jimi P
Where did he go ?

Heaven, mate.


May Kent rest in peace. The Ginger Man, i heard from him a few years ago. He was not in a good place, wonder where he is now.

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Gone to cause trouble on another stage.


I was probably a lurker in the early 2000s. That was the first year I visited Taiwan.


What up, H?

H is now a little more back in Taiwan, however by no means full time, I don’t maintain a full time residence here. That said, my office desk and my headquarters are still here, so I do come often! I do recall our scuba dive, that myst be 12 years ago.

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I’m set up down south these days. Lmk if you get to Taitung.