How many of the old timers are still active here?

I wonder what happened to The Ginger Man, Fred Smith, blueface666.

Blueface666 or Comrade Stalin is living the island lifestyle in the South Pacific to my knowledge. I still have some of his amazing photography adorning my Grade II listed house.

I have been a member since 2002 as Chewycorns and now Chewdawg. Lived in Canada, the Middle East and Continental Europe since leaving Taiwan in late 2000s, and now living in West Yorkshire.


I only met blueface once, he had some health issues, that he’s still alive 20 years later, impressive.

West Yorkshire? If you ever make it to London town let me know.

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I’m there every few weeks (at least once a month, mostly two times for 2-3 days each time) on business. Usually stay near Victoria St or in Pimlico. Up for a pint at the Albert this Wednesday evening?

What about the infamous Rocket (resident trash panda) and The Swede?

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The Chief !!!
And Deuce Dropper…man wtf happened to DD.

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He moved back to Flin Flon, or was it Leduc? :laughing: :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m also in London, but can’t make this Wednesday.

We three should meet one day.

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Oh, this week is Taipei, and the COO of the company has deigned to hit Tea Bar with me tonight. Very start of July okay?

I live near Clapham Junction, so Victoria is 8? minutes away?

If not, the beer garden at the Four Thieves would fit, that’s where I usually go.

It works for me

You were never forgotten lol

Son is coming from France for two months (and wife too from France from July 5 to 12), so business trips might wane during this time. Will PM you and superking when one is in the works. There from Wed to Frid this week and then August. In the Fall, every month and then sometimes twice a month. Regular business trips and I sit on a national executive committee that convenes bimonthly, so will be there even more often. Albert on Victoria Street and Windsor Castle on 23 Francis St are where I am usually lubricating myself. :laughing:


Nice to see you back, @Mr_He. Wondered why you’d dropped off the radar.

I’m still here (obviously) and my username hasn’t changed. Doing the Nomad thing also, but more-or-less based in Taipei.

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A diet of momma jokes, nude photography, and Bintang beers is the elixir of life!

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Ive changed my handle but don’t post much anymore, my old handle reflected the year I joined the flob in 2006 :slight_smile:
Back in the great white north now

Missed your and others longtime posts. The forum changed but the old days were gold imo Felt the foreigner community, online at least, had a lot more energy but then again that’s nostalgia speaking


Your daft advice back in 2003 is still making me laugh.

Check out the thread called ‘Rich Tea and sympathy,’ or search for ‘Chocolate Lothario,’ for my first ever post. I was 29. I’m now 50.

Jesus Christ.


Sorry to hear of his passing
Hope he passed peacefully in his sleep of old age

That’s pretty much the best most hope for

Cirrhosis is not an easy way to go. I shall post here when I return to London. For the guys in Taipei, time and place and I shall be there.

We have a trade show June 25 to 27 in Copenhagen, before that I need to get my son out of his boarding school, and July 5 to 19, my son and I are to sail from Datchet to Lechlade and return.

If in London, my wife does not exactly hate having guests, and we have a handful of guest rooms. She would never run a Minsu, but the ability is there.

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Hello Mr_He!

I’m still around here, too!

I returned to Taiwan last year, in fact :smiley:


Tommy, you can read all about his experience here that’s one thing Jimi was good at , chronicling the good and the bad.

It wasn’t anything like old age that did him in. And it wasn’t peaceful.