How many of them do you have?
TRI issued the ten most popular electronic products .
Iphone,Apple TV,Wii,PS3,LED NB,PND,e-paper,sattelite radio,pleo,digial picture frame.
Which one do you want to have or how many of them do you have?

what’s an LED NB - an LED Notebook???

PND… ???

PND = portable navigation device, like a GPS, or a map + compass.

Yes,it is GPS.

I want the iphone. Don’t have any of the other items and currently no plan to buy any of those.

Not sure though what a LED NB is - notebook with LED background lighting maybe?

Well… I dunno if my notebook has LED backlighting… the screen is decent though~

As for GPS…had one which got broken, and plan on getting another~

I don’t have or want any of those. :idunno:

LED NB is thinner and electricity saved than NB(which with CCFL).
The price is more expensive than CCFL NB about 20%.
It is just advanced application.

Couldn’t link to the list.

Does it include Sony Reader?

I want to have a friendly e-books device with high-mobility .

No ,it doesn’t include sony reader.
Sony has no any plan to sell this product in Europe and UK.
Its price is higheras 350USD and the DRM is a problem ,too.

Have None. Need None.

Maybe we’ll get a Wii but I don’t need one…

All you really need is air, food, water and somewhere to sleep, anyway.

yup… all I need is air, food, water, somewhere to sleep, a good motorcycle and twisties close by :smiley:

The next GPS I plan on is going to be the Garmin Zumo 550… waterproof (resistant), so it goes well on the bike and will allow me to do better touring without getting lost.

XBOX is more popular than the PS3, isn’t it?

My top ten: desktop computers, digital cameras, DVD players, telephones, TVs (HD/CRT/flat screen/plasma), broadband modems, Voice-over-IP, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners. I think they are more popular than anything on that list.

Maybe it’s a list of some of the currently “trendy” electronics items rather than the most “popular”.