How many scoooters in Taiwan?

Anyone know approx. how many scooters there are islandwide? I’ve heard 15 million, I’ve heard 19 million, and 22.9 million -one for everyone. Don’t know where to find accurate information. Even if you’re not precisely sure of the real #, any reasonable ballpark figures will help.

“how many scooters are in Taiwan” I’d say about 20million… About 1 for every man woman and child… BUT… that would include in addition to the ones in daily use, the rag tag old hunks that just litter the roads/alleys/parking lots that are seldom/never ridden… but that is a guesstimate…

I saw a National Geographic special on Taiwan that said the every day over 10 million scooters take to the streets of Taiwan… I would say that figure is on the conservative side of accurate for scooters in daily use…

That number will make my part of the story on Taiwan at this conference even better…

I counted five. I think there may be more.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]I counted five. I think there may be more.[/quote]If you do see others, make sure you haven’t counted them already. I think these people who say there are millions are counting the same one more than once, or they lost count and made up a number.

Yeah. I keep seeing silver ones that I’m sure I’ve seen before. If only they all had individual number plates or something. Mind you, it would be hard to remember more than 4 million of those I guess. Anything up to 4 million would be OK, of course.

How many “O"s in :scooter”???

Three, why?


0.6 according to … 2003254608

12.34 million total then, though that was probably legally registered ones.

BTW, says the govt pays a bounty to people who report smoky bikes, so RZR runners watch out.

Yeah, they say they pay a bounty. But has anyone here ever received their bounty? I’ve reported two dozen particularly horrific smoke-belchers, and never got a red cent. As I understand it, what happens is that the EPA sends a written notice to the address at which the offending vehicle is registered. The vehicle is given a time period to show up for inspection or receive a fine. If it fails the inspection, the owner is fined and you get a bounty. But the owner invariably runs over to a bike shop, gets the vehicle tuned or whatever to bring it to within standards, and then it passes the inspection.

So you won’t get that bounty – but you’ll be forcing someone to clean up their vehicle’s emissions or junk the piece of mierda. :sunglasses:

heh heh heh…I’m thinkin’ “retirement fund” here…this could be better than Amway… :smiling_imp:

heh heh heh…I’m thinkin’ “retirement fund” here…this could be better than Amway… :smiling_imp:[/quote]

Is Amway like GNLD? I’ve been taken by them.

You guys are a bunch of wise-asses, interfering with scholars who are trying to get down to business.

Scholars actually point out that the ideogram in Tai Wan, the Tai, is derived from an ancient drawing of a moped coming towards you. The square underneath is the headlight or the front tire, the part on top is the handlebars.

How many MacDonalds in Ireland?

Still, none of you MRT-taking, hung-over taxi-riding, broke-ass girlfriend scooter-borrowing wise asses can answer the original question.

The answer is 42.

Now, what was the question again?

How many times have you smart-asses pulled up to McDonalds (no MAC donalds) to meet up with some TEALIT ‘babe’ on your 50cc scooter and, after the presumably brief meeting, road home alone? Many, I will guess.

How many scooters? Not enough!

That would be a good place to start the count. Start with the big noses with scooters who can’t get laid and go from there.