How many TimTams can you eat

I just ate 6 and I’m a buzzin’ high


Love them to death.

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And you’re gonna crash in three, two, one…

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Somewhat to my horror, I’ve always run out of TimTams before I’ve hit a limit. Which makes me really glad I only saw big boxes of them at Costco once.

For those who don’t know, Carrefour recently started selling other flavors, including mochaccino (sp?) - it tastes a lot like Coffee Crisp, which may or may not be a selling point.

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Not enough!

Shooting for LEO? :thinking:


C’mon, you’re not even Bezos-aged yet…

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They were made almost right on my doorstep.



leo wafels

Probably tastes better…

Zero. I don’t eat any added sugar and I wouldn’t waste a cheat snack/meal on one.

Do I win?

So basically you’re just here to gloat.

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Perhaps. :sunglasses:

Not killing yourself with sugar is a big accomplishment. :smile:

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If that’s what it takes to live, then I want to die.


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I have a high level of self-control when it comes to not buying stuff like that, but if someone hands me a box and says, “Here, have some,” I’m gonna rawdog the whole thing so fast it looks like magic.

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You’d be amazed how sweet fruit is if you’re off sugar. Try it for a month.


I do that on Halloween too. Nobody is perfect.

My wife recently shipped in US$100 worth of assorted sugary cereals from the US. I miraculously made it through that ordeal unscathed, except for the $300 shipping bill. :rage:

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