How many visa runs?

Probably not the easiest to answer but I am considering doing four visitor visa runs to hong kong/singapore before signing a long term teaching contract. When does immigration and visa offices say ‘Enough is enough … we are not issuing another visitor visa, you should be a resident by now…’??? I mean what is advisable to say to the visa office in order for them to keep issuing 60 day visitor visas…‘I want to keep coming to your country to visit friends…’???

My situation is thus…got burnt by a school and had a resident visa, don’t want to commit to chinese lessons that I am not going to use and would prefer to pay for visa run holidays. Have a definite job offer in September, hence don’t want to commit to any yearly contract…
All comments welcome…thanks in advance :smiley:

I did 6 before I got married :wink:

Melbourne twice,
Hong Knog twice,
Bangkok once, and
Tokyo once.

Should see my passport mate.

After six consecutive visa trips I was told I would not be allowed any more visas. And I’m talking about 30-day landing visas issued at CKS airport. Trying to get a two-month visa for Taiwan in the Asian area is damn near impossible. Thankfully my ARC came through in time.
Yeah, the visa hassle is enough to make a bloke think about getting married. By the way, I’m a Kiwi.

I’m talking about 6 monthers.

I got a 3 year visa:)

ah… Chinese ain’t all that bad
basically, buddy above said it right. Unless you have your paperwork showing you’re attending Chinese school, you won’t be getting 60 day visas. So, you’re looking at 8 visa runs, not 4.

I got 60 days from HK the first time, as a tourist. Non-extendable.

The second one, 60 days extendable, was for the purpose of learning chinese. My agent found a chinese language school that would issue a letter of acceptance for a fee, and as far as I know you have to get someone to certify that you’re learning chinese to get the extensions up to 6 months.

Question: How are you going to support yourself for ten whole months without a job? If you’re going to be working then the contract issue remains, so what’s the problem with letting them sort out your ARC?

I can see the attraction of regular holidays tho’. My last visa run involved a week scuba diving in Thailand.

All the best