How many Waiguoren have you brought over?

Okay, raise the mainsail! So, where was I - slurp - sorry, just finished loading another schooner of coolies bound for the guano mines of Peru, and it got me thinking about the movement of folk across the face of this fine earth.

Have you been responsible for bringing any fellow “waiguoren” to Taiwan? Perhaps you mentioned to your buddies back home in Canada that you had found a job and finally got laid - next thing you knew they were sleeping on your living room floor.

As far as I know, I have not brought anyone over. Actually, I haven’t even suggested it to anyone. And I’m such a loser that nobody has been encouraged to follow in my footsteps and take up residence on the rock.

And as for visitors, just one - my bro - but that almost doesn’t count as he had a free ticket. He wasn’t impressed by the place; he wondered why I was living in such a shithole with the “gooks.”
I had to explain that I was surrounded by Chinamen, not gooks.

No, but I certainly convinced a few to leave.

Actually, I have discouraged at least two people from coming here. they were the kind of fussy, demanding, easily irritated, that wouldn’t have lasted here long anyway.

I’ve been smuggling lots of them in from China via the three small links.

Oh, wait, you mean Westerners, don’t you, not Filipinas. not much call for them in my ‘trade’.

May bathtubs overflow upon your offspring.

Yes, I was thinking of Westerners (except for Tasmanians of course) but feel free to include all nationalities.
So, how is the nanny trade these days? The low birth rate cutting into profits?

Nah, there’s lots of call for them to ‘look after’ decrepit old men. do you need a new ‘nanny’, for example?

The marsupial wrote: [quote]Nah, there’s lots of call for them to ‘look after’ decrepit old men. do you need a new ‘nanny’, for example?[/quote]
Need got nothing to do with it. I’m more likely to be someone’s nanny than hire one. I’m broke - been pretty much living from month to month for the last few years. I don’t know why :beer:

Going back to the OP, I’m just wondering about the oversupply of teachers here - was curious whether any forumosans had encouraged others to come. So far, just tales of discouraging.

Actually, my last trip home I smuggled 4 boxes in, 3 Original and one Mint for the wife, she really likes…

Oh wait, no, oh hell, forget it, I thought you were asking about Wagonwheels

I’ve had over a dozen foreigners come to Taiwan because of me, but none in the last ten years.

Is it ten years since your last bath? Man how time flies.

Bring watery beings to populate this already dense mass?
Are you out of your skull?
I tell all my friends back in the world to stay the fugg away. Most of them still think we’re fighting the last civil war,
which is true enough on one level. Why change what is utile?

Are you joking? I am the crazy kooky bohemian friend who lives with earth money. My family/friends assume I’m on drugs/mentally ill/on the run.

I’ll take that as a “no” then. “Joking?” you asked. Nope, I come from the land that gave you “Flight of the Conchords” so joking is not something I’m genetically inclined to.

Back to the mystery. Someone must be encouraging folks to set sail for Treasure Island, dui bu dui? Perhaps I should call Neil Flynn.

errol flynn, perhaps. a very famous taswegian. oh, no, he’s a bit dead now. never mind.

I’ve been responsible for a few friends visiting, but not for recommending this as a choice destination for work or career advancement (not necessarily the same thing).

You mean Neil Finn, that bloke that sang the song “I just spent six months in a leaky flat”? Makes sense these days.

So is this because there’s really more new folks around? Look if they’re not drunken skirt chasers, then it probably wasn’t me that put them onto Taiwan.


Yep, I was just about to correct that. Neil Finn (The Paul Simon of New Zealand) of Crowded House fame, that Kiwi/Oz band from a few years back.
I heard Flight of the Conchords as a series on the BBC and thought it funny - a running joke was the band manager calling up Neil Finn for advice.

Not really, but I wouldn’t really notice because I’m too busy perving at birds. It’s mostly because I’m bored shitless working on a textbook and felt like playing on the mosa.

“Fuck you, Jake tha fuckin’ Muss, you have lost your whangatuafua. You once were warriors” . . . and Finn was in Skyhooks, erh, that other costume band . . . .Spleet Eenz.

Geezuz! I lent your book to someone else the other day, does that count? I bet it does. No better way to arm someone for round one to at least five in Taiwan. Indeed you are probably more responsible for attracting repeat offenders than anyone else whose replied here. Now you and Muzha Man. Bastards! It’ all youse fault.

Gawd I hope that bastard gives me your book back. I got a feeling he won’t. You may have to send me another. I’ll pay this time. My queer mate at the SCMP got fired, or I would have had a review in the paper for ya. I tried.
What about a Chinese version?


Now, this is getting scary!..
Just wot is wrong with you demented folks daun’unner that you have to blemish art?
Is it all in the name of Bruce?